Door 4: Challenges of species identification in marine zooplankton

For our 4th door, let’s dive into the marine realm of zooplankton! The plankton refers to all organisms that do not have the strength to swim against the currents and end up drifting with them. The phytoplankton is the algae part of plankton, while the zooplankton is the […]

Door 3: How exactly did dinosaurs go extinct?

For this year’s advent calendar, we have decided to focus on biodiversity, climate and environment. In relationship with climate change and the biodiversity crisis we face due to the ongoing extinction of many species, there is currently a vast amount of research done on the topic. Today, however, […]

Door 2: Mitochondrial genomes and why they are so great

The mitochondria is the organelle within the cell which is regarded as the cells “power house”. This is because they play a crucial role in energy production through oxidative phosphorylation. Within the mitochondria, the mitochondrial genomes, also referred to as mitogenomes, are found. The mitogenomes are small circular […]

Door 1: Sequencing genomes suggested by the community

It is the time of the year again and we are running our advent calendar again. The first door opened and reveals an update on the Biodiversity Genomics Europe (BGE) project. The project started about a year ago and it is time to take a first look at […]

Door 24: Merry Christmas everyone from the FEZ research group

The previous 23 doors of the FEZ advent calendar 2022 opened every day for a paper published this year that group members found particularly interesting. The list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope you found the presentations inspiring. Maybe you will download and read one of […]

Door 23: Bugs in a teacup!

Door 23! Advent is almost over and a new year is on the horizon – and with a new year comes new ideas and opportunities in life and research alike. For my article, I’ve chosen to present “The bug in a teacup—monitoring arthropod–plant associations with environmental DNA from […]

Door 22: Tapping into Personal Genetics from Keepsakes – Breakthroughs and Concerns

Direct to consumer genetic testing of family heirlooms and keepsakes (e.g., used stamps, baby teeth) provide insight into genealogy and ancestry. Published earlier this month, one of the direct consequences of the sequencing revolution and increasing affordability of genetic testing has been direct to consumer (DTC) services and […]

Door 21: Insects are fun!

Among my favorite papers of 2022, as always, are the quarterly contributions to the American Entomoligist by May R. Berenbaum: “Terms of Art and Terms of Arthropods”, “Sew-Sew Jokes”, and “Bowl Games” Dr Berenbaum can write about anything related to entomology, and this year her […]

Door 20: Graham Budd – one of the greatest paleontologists of our time

As previously said, during this year FEZ advent calendar I have decided to briefly present you three works: a research paper, a researcher interview, and a book. For this occasion, my last contribution to this year FEZ advent calendar series, I would like to point out a publication […]

Door 19: A mysterious crustacean

For my second entry in our advent calendar, I will again present a taxonomic paper. This time it is surprisingly not about worms, but about a rather intriguing group of crustaceans, Facetotecta (Figure 1). It is a small group of about 14 species, all in the genus Hansenocaris. […]