Door 20: Graham Budd – one of the greatest paleontologists of our time

As previously said, during this year FEZ advent calendar I have decided to briefly present you three works: a research paper, a researcher interview, and a book.

For this occasion, my last contribution to this year FEZ advent calendar series, I would like to point out a publication from Current Biology that, instead of being a regular paper, present an interview of one of the greatest paleontologists of our time, Graham Budd.

I have decided to present this interview because I got the feeling that we sometimes tend to forget that, behind the ideas exposed and discussed in a more or less scientific way, there is always a person or a team involve. I hope that you find this interview as stimulating as I did. I also thought that presenting something “lighter”, after recommending a book, would be nice.

Taking advantage of this post to wish you my very best for the incoming year.

With my best regards.



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