Day 14: When is a Larva like a Birthday Present?

For my second advent calendar entry this year, I would like to highlight one of the most exciting papers I’ve read recently. It came out just last month in Organisms Diversity & Evolution, and is titled “A new Loriciferan, Scaberiloricus samba gen. et sp. nov., links the Higgins larva and […]

Door 13: The diversity of tasks for a PhD-student at NHM

Today is the 13th of December, as today I have chosen a different aspect of “diversity” namely the diversity of tasks a PhD-student at the Natural History museum can and have to do. Being a PhD-student involves a rollercoaster of emotions and a very diverse, flexible, demanding and […]

Door 12: Strongly biased representation of animal biodiversity in exhibitions

This year the museum has started to develop a new exhibition for our zoological museum. The former “Tree of Life” exhibition is now part of the new exhibitions in the geological museum. Accordingly, this hall is unused now and shall host a new exhibition about animal biodiversity. I […]

Door 11: Is there hope for krill under climate change?

Welcome to Door 11 of the 2023 Advent Calendar! Today, we will talk about an emblematic marine zooplankton: the krill! This is the opportunity for me to introduce my latest publication: “Comparative population transcriptomics provide new insight into the evolutionary history and adaptive potential of World Ocean Krill“, […]

Door 10: A much needed tool for visualizing the invisible biodiversity

For our 10th door, I want to introduce you to the diversity of peculiar and complex group of tiny creatures, the protists, and an amazing source of recently published graphics for visualizing them. My project here in FEZ group (PolyPro3) features protists as main characters and I find […]

Door 9: Conservation of parasite biodiversity

Conservation of biodiversity is increasingly recognized as an important challenge, and numerous reports have addressed the ongoing loss of biodiversity and pinpointed the potential consequences. Even a sixth, man-induced mass extinction has been intensively discussed (e.g., Frequently, the focus of such discussions is on endangered iconic species […]

Day 8: Working in Phylogenetic Methods

As we open day 8 on our Advent Calendar, I bring an urgent message. Maths Can Be Fun, Too! The Christmas period and the advent calendar gives us a great chance to talk in more general terms about our research. Here at FEZ many of our ongoing research […]

Door 7: A note on the current importance of interdisciplinary approaches in Science

While in my first contribution to this Advent Calendar series, in the second I have decided to comment in an aspect that, in my view, should shape the future of our research during the incoming 2024. That is, the importance of interdisciplinary approaches in biological sciences (and not […]

Door 6: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Sticking Up For The Little Guy

For this year’s Advent Calendar, we’ve decided to theme ourselves around climate change and conservation. For my first blog entry, I’ve decided to write more of a background about the general need for marine biodiversity conservation, and some opinions on who should care, and why. I will then […]

Door 5: A book (gift) recommendation

As the festive season approaches, many of us find ourselves pondering the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Is for this reason that, in this post, I’d like to suggest a unique present that transcends the boundaries between scientific and non-scientific interests—a coffee table book titled “The Art […]