Door 5: A book (gift) recommendation

As the festive season approaches, many of us find ourselves pondering the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Is for this reason that, in this post, I’d like to suggest a unique present that transcends the boundaries between scientific and non-scientific interests—a coffee table book titled “The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel,” published by Taschen.

This exquisite book, with minimal text yet captivating illustrations, serves as an ideal gift for individuals with diverse backgrounds. Its beauty compiles some of the finest drawings created by Ernst Haeckel of some of the species that we diary work with at the Frontiers in Evolutionary Zoology team. Through such a collection, the book eloquently demonstrates the seamless union of art and science, a concept that should remain relevant even in the current century.

I recommend this book not only for its stunning aesthetic appeal, but also for its ability to showcase incredible and often unfamiliar creatures to the general public. While the anatomical accuracy may not always be paramount (as the plates are more artistic expressions than a strict guide to morphology or identification), they present a mesmerizing array of marine creatures that are not commonly known.

I hope this suggestion proves to be an excellent gift idea, whether for someone you hold dear or even as a treat for yourself.

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