Door 8: GENESPACE tracks regions of interest and gene copy number variation across multiple genomesss multiple genomes.” Elife 11 (2022): e78526.

During this year Frontiers in Evolutionary Zoology advent calendar I have decided to briefly present you three works: a research paper, a researcher interview, and a book.

The first door to which I am contributing if this quite useful method paper to whoever is currently working with whole genome data in which a way of representing data coming from different genomes can be displayed. 

We are currently dealing with an historical time in which more and more high-quality genomes are being published (not only genomes, apparently the information that we accumulated during the last two years seem to be equal to the information that we had historically compiled before) and, thanks to this program, visualizing the similarities and differences on these genomes is way easier.

I hope you enjoy the read!


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