A new PhD student in town

This year in September Alberto Valero-Gracia started has a new PhD student in our group. After completing a Bachelor + MSc degree at University Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) he worked as a Marie Curie researcher at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (Italy). Throughout his time in Spain and Italy he fostered his passion for marine life through the study of pelagic invertebrates. He went on to complete his MPhil degree at Lund University (Sweden), where he extended his molecular studies investigating the origins of animal vision through the functional study of sea urchin larvae. 

His thesis will contribute to the InvertOmics project (see what’s behind the door of December 1st). Our project is devoted to shedding light on the tree of life of called some Spiralia and by others Lophotrochozoa. He will do it through the application of encompassing next-generation sequencing approaches. During this new adventure he hopes to learn more about these amazing animal group while discovering Norway, a beautiful land with plenty of nice people and valuable resources for doing top-notch research.

Text in the teaser: Would like to know who joined as a new PhD student this year and what we are doing with these worms? The door of December 4th shows it.

Picture in the teaser:


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