Summer project at rocky shores

Liepa Adomaityte, a Bachelor student associated with FEZ group, did her 2020 summer project studying speciation in a group of intertidal beetles distributed on both sides of the Northern Pacific. The (sub)genus Neochthebius (see photo of N. yoshitomii) is the only Northern Hemisphere lineage in the family Hydraenidae adapted to life in crevices of tidal rocks. During high tides the beetles survive under water by using the air trapped in the rock crevices. Seven species are known from the Asian coast of the Pacific, but only one valid species has been recognized on the North American coast (N. vandykei). Molecular species delimitation revealed additional species in North America: new species 1 and 2. A typical habitat at the rocky shores is illustrated in the photo.

Text in the teaser: Want to know what you can do as a Bachelor student in our group and these rocks? Look at the door of December 3rd.

Picture in the teaser:


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