Combining group fun with genomic research

The aim of our InvertOmics project is to obtain high-quality genomes for different spiralian/lophotrochozoan phyla at the level required by the Earth BioGenome Project. Therefore, we will use the new PacBio HiFi technology. However, this required high-molecular-weight DNA at really high quality and in high amount. This is best obtained by using fresh or flash-frozen material. Many of this material shall be collected next year on field trips to Germany and France (hopefully given the Covid situation).

However, we also have able marine invertebrate right in the Oslofjord. Therefore, we decided to combine the useful with the pleasant. Almost the whole group went out to the wonderful island Jeløya and we collected at the Southern beaches in a beautiful recreational area. For some of the group it was the first time of intertidal sampling and we all had a lot of fun finding worms during a nice and sunny day. At same time, we could nicely socialize, which is not so easy in this times with all the restrictions.

We found five different species, from which Alberto is now extracting the DNA and which will get sequenced very soon. So a successful day all the way long.

Text in the teaser: A day out in the fall. Get to know what we did on Jeløya.

Picture in the teaser:


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