Door 23: Insect survey in the Mozogo Gokoro National Park, Cameroon

In Summer 2023, our ANTENNA project team composed of entomologists from the University of Buea, University of Maroua and University of Oslo surveyed insect fauna of the Mozogo Gokoro National Park, Northern Cameroon.

As one can see in the satellite photo, the park is located in the savannah zone and there are no other forest fragments of comparable size remaining within the region captured by the photo. This means the National Park is the only remaining regional refugium for the forest fauna. When human population density was lower and the impact of agricultural practices was more limited, forests like the one we can see in the National Park may have been more extended or even continuous. Today, the Park is the only remaining evidence that forest can even grow in this region.

Location of the Park in Northern Cameroon

For our survey, we set a camp at the Park headquarters and worked from that base.

Our field team

There is a very good trail crossing the park, going from the headquarters all way to the mayo (seasonal river) on the east side of the park. There are two artificial ponds, providing water to animals through the dry season (and creating microhabitats for many small creatures requiring wet conditions). The forest close to the mayo is particularly good.

Satellite photo of the Park

Mayo and riverine forest


Typical landscape outside the Park

Material collected during the survey is being used in several student and researcher projects.

We greatly appreciate support from the local authorities and the Park administration and staff.


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