The FEZ Advent Calendar 2022

By now it is already a good tradition for the FEZ group at the Natural History Museum Oslo to provide in December an advent calendar blog. In previous years, the focus was on our own research and scientific output.

This year we thought to take a different approach. Throughout a year, we all read a lot of scientific publications either because they are of immediate importance for our particular research interests and projects or because they are of more general importance. Each FEZ member uses different preferences in the strategies to keep up with the literature, and, accordingly, we come across different publications. The 24 doors of this years FEZ advent calendar will draw your attention to scientific contributions published during 2022 and picked by the individual FEZ members. It is not the intention to shortlist the top 24 papers of the year but to present contributions that we found particularly interesting and impressive.

Starting tomorrow, we hope you enjoy following our door-by-door selection of 2022 publication treats.



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