From small body size to big data

You remember door 3 of our calendar where we presented the UiO:LifeScience summer project of Liepa on the speciation of intertidal beetles? FEZ was very happy to house two further UiO:LifeScience summer projects this year.

Morten Rese and Vegard Myrland Alvestad explored from different starting points how to efficiently generate full mitochondrial genome sequences from very small mud dragon individuals (Kinorhyncha). These animals that belong to the so-called meiofauna are less than 1 mm in size, and one obtains only very limited amounts of DNA per individual as starting material. They optimized methods for using a more classical long PCR as well as a high-throughput sequencing approach using the Oxford Nanopore technology.

Text in teaser: What to learn even more about project in UiO:LifeScience summer project and modern sequencing methods? Watch out for tomorrow.

Picture in teaser: Same as featured picture above.


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