Catching up! Door 22 – Progresses and challenges during 2021

Everyone has missed a day of ticking off advent as some point! Making today a two-for-one post day! Enjoy!

By Alberto Valero-Gracia

This year has been a bit peculiar for most of us. However, as with most of our colleagues at the NHM, the FEZ group has always tried to go ahead in the best possible way with our current projects. Examples of this was when the few field trips scheduled for 2021 were significantly postponed, but were eventually successfully done in that we gained much of the needed material. The molecular work performed at the DNA lab resulting in hi-quality genomes, which will soon be publically available, and setting up and optimizing our bioinformatic pipeline for genome assembly and annotation, are also some of this year’s triumphs. Now, with a short holiday season (vacations that represent the first time going back to see our relatives for many of us during the last few months), it is time to focus on joining family and friends while following Covid-related restrictions. Once back, with the batteries fully charged, more work will be done!

Taking advantage of this post I would like to say THANK YOU to all friends and colleagues near and far for joining forces, lending the energy that transforms our daily life, creating a nice and stimulating research community.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a healthy 2022!


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