Group of the month: Gregarisina

For this month’s group, I’m presenting you one of the three groups I am working with here at CEG group, the gregarines (Gregarisina, Apicomplexa). I got to know this group during my PhD research and I grew fond of them as study system for marine symbiosis. Gregarines are […]

Door 21: Wonderful world of symbioses and a note on conserving biodiversity

Only three days until Christmas! For my final post in the advent calendar, I want to introduce our readers to an essential and complex phenomenon in nature, symbiosis. In our daily language, we might casually refer to symbiosis as a mutually beneficial relationship. However, in ecological terms, symbiosis […]

Door 10: A much needed tool for visualizing the invisible biodiversity

For our 10th door, I want to introduce you to the diversity of peculiar and complex group of tiny creatures, the protists, and an amazing source of recently published graphics for visualizing them. My project here in FEZ group (PolyPro3) features protists as main characters and I find […]